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Uruz Pendant

Uruz Pendant

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To the ancients who used runes, this second rune of the Elder Futhark - Uruz - represented the Aurochs, a wild, primal long haired bison. 
This rune symbolised untameable strength, raw energy, the power of vitality and the development of a new path, progression. It was also a rune that was closely linked to Thor & our own inner king & inner queen ~ a reminder of our innate power & passionate will to live wild & free.

Harness the energy of Uruz to invoke courage, inner strength, as an invitation for growth and development, and as a powerful reminder of the divine power of the life force energy that flows within you.

Each of these runes is handmade using an ancient process.

*Please note 

Solid silver Uruz is presented on an extendable 18-20" solid silver chain.

Solid brass & gold Uruz are presented on a solid gold 20" belcher chain  (other chains available on request)

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