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Thurisaz Pendant

Thurisaz Pendant

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Thurisaz comes from the Old Norse word for ‘Thorn’ and represents the power of Thor, one of the most widely recognized deities of the pantheon. A cherished deity among mortals, Thor is the embodiement of raw power & protection, strength & guardianship, his name coming from the old Norse for ‘thunder’.
As well as being a beacon of bravery & valor, Thor’s prescence invokes tranquility & assurance, he is both protector & guardian of the divine & physical realms. 

The thurisaz rune was often inscribed on weapons to provide strength and protection in battle, and in modern times can be worn as part of our our everyday armour as a reminder of our inner Herculean strength & grace. 

Each of these runes is handmade using an ancient process.

*Please note 

Solid silver Thurisaz is presented on an extendable 16-18" solid silver chain.

Solid brass & gold Thurisaz are presented on a solid gold 20" belcher chain  

(other chains available on request)

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