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Sowilo rune pendant

Sowilo rune pendant

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The literal translation of Sowilo is ‘sun’, it is the rune of the blazing star closest to our own planetary home of Earth, an ancient symbol that represents the force of light & fire in the physical, mental & spiritual worlds. 

The ancients were intuitively aware of the power of the sun in our solar system, it is the giver of life, the light of creation. 

The spirit of Sowilo calls in this power, the qualities of vitality, warmth, movement & joy and is also a reminder to flow with life force energy, that action taken in alignment with purpose & in harmony with our environment brings out the divine within us. 

Sowilo is a powerful rune loaded with fire energy, and  the counter force to the cosmic ice of the Isa rune.

Each of these runes is handmade using an ancient process.

*Please note 

Solid silver Sowilo is presented on an extendable 18-20" solid silver chain.

Solid brass & gold Sowilo are presented on a solid gold 22" belcher chain (other chains available on request)

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