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Hagstone Portal Pendant

Hagstone Portal Pendant

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Imbue the energy of the fae and elementals with a Hagstone Portal pendant. 

Hagstones are a coveted find by spiritual folk, they are said to posses powerful energy from the natural world… 

Many folklores claim that peering through the hole of a hagstone under a full moon will enable you to glimpse spirits from another realm. 

Other myths say a hagstone hole will reveal the kingdom of the fae & elementals. 

The very nature of a hagstone, bearing a hole worn away by the power of water, imbues the all encompassing power of nature itself, this allows you to connect with earth magick and spiritual energy.

Each of these hagstones is made to order using an ancient casting process and therefore entirely unique & one of a kind. 

*Please note: Solid silver Hagstones are presented on a 30” solid silver belcher chain,

Solid brass & gold Hagstones are presented on a 20” solid gold belcher chain. 

Other chain lengths are available for additional cost, please contact us for more info. 

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