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9ct solid gold Kenaz rune pendant ~ Sample sale

9ct solid gold Kenaz rune pendant ~ Sample sale

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The Kenaz rune symbolises the torch or beacon. Its power lies in illumination, creativity, and transformation and represents the inner fire of enlightenment the ability to bring light to darkness, both metaphorically and literally.
It is associated with inspiration, knowledge, and innovation, guiding its wearer to discover their inner truths and unlock their creative potential.

Kenaz encourages embracing change and harnessing one’s passions to fuel personal growth and achievement. Additionally, it can signify healing and purification, as fire has long been used through the ages as a symbol of cleansing and renewal. Overall, the power of the Kenaz rune talisman is rooted in its ability to ignite the flames of creativity, enlightenment, and transformation within oneself.

Presented on a 16” solid gold chain. 


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