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9ct solid gold Inguz rune ~ Sample sale

9ct solid gold Inguz rune ~ Sample sale

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Inguz, the rune representing the god Ing associated with fertility, prosperity and peace in Norse mythology. The symbol itself resembles a diamond, embodying balance and harmony. Inguz is often linked to new beginnings and completion of cycles, making it a powerful symbol for those seeking growth and transformation in their lives.

Ing {also known as Freyr} is depicted as a benevolent figure, his story involves sacrifice for love and he is often shown holding the symbols of the magical boar Gullinbursti and a mystical ship named Skíðblaðnir that could navigate both land & sea and he could fold into his pocket...

Tapping into the wisdom of the Inguz Rune connects you to the divine qualities of Ing, the reminder of eternal growth and new beginnings that are inevitable as we journey through our life on earth ✨

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