What are runes? 
Runes originated as a form of language for the Norse and  a divination tool for the Vikings,  they were vital tools for transformation among the ancients. The original rune alphabet was the Elder Futhark which consisted of 24 symbols, each symbolising a unique energy. They were carved in stones, wood or jewellery and thrown as a divination tool or worn for a specific power. 
I’ve never worked with runes before, any advice?
As with any divination tool, there is no right or wrong way, working with your guides and your own unique energy you can use the power of the runes  to focus your mind & emotions to better our stand your spiritual selves and achieve your goals in life.  The power of the runes becomes particularly potent for transformation when used with other spiritual tools … but likewise just wearing a symbol can be your talisman and subconscious reminder. 

I want something I can’t see on your website…
You may see an image of  a piece on Instagram which isn’t in the online shop. Usually this will be because its already found its home, but it may be that it just hasn’t made it onto the website yet. Get in touch & we’ll help you find what you’re looking for. 
Do you take commissions?
Yes, a small number of commissions are undertaken in both solid gold and silver if the project is in line with our values. Get in touch  & we’ll be happy to discuss . 
Why is your logo a snake?
Since ancient times the snake has been a symbol of rebirth and creative life force energy. It is our belief that the alchemy & power of intentional ritualised transformation requires many shedding of skins…
Can you melt down my old gold jewellery and re use the gold?
In short the  answer is yes, but this depends on what exactly it is and the quality of the gold. Get in touch and lets chat about it!